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There are many manufacturers all over the world that produce Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment. Because it is a new and fast growing field, there are only a few that have been producing equipment for over twenty years. Some newer designs offer better ways to reduce noise, more portability and other useful improvements. Of course older designs that have a proven track record will always achieve commendable results.

Different applications favor different machines. There are many sizes, from very lightweight easy to carry up ladders, to very heavy workhorses. Most have a choice of nozzles for different applications. One major difference is whether to mix the air and dry ice at the machine and then run one hose for treatment, or to use two hoses and mix at the nozzle. The two hose system works better when the blasting is more than twenty-five feet from the blast machine. Again depending upon the application one may work better than another.

Another choice is the pressure of the air coming out. The size of the air compressor producing both pressure and air flow can make a measurable difference. The higher pressure and higher volume of air will carry more dry ice to the device to be cleaned. Metal surfaces can take the highest pressure resulting in quicker work progress. Other surfaces may require a slower blast stream to protect their softer surface.  

Some companies offer dry ice machines that make their dry ice pellets on the spot to give consistent quality of dry ice. Some companies also produce a CO2 recovery machine along with a dry ice blaster. For in-house use, three machines will save time and money and pay for their extra expense over the life of the machines.

For field applications smaller more portable equipment may work better.

It is never easy to decide which equipment will work the best for you, Each job may have its preferred type of machine yet the overall demands will call for a larger more robust piece of equipment. The best advice is to spend time asking others who are using each particular machine for their recommendations. Our Blast Cleaning Directory lists many contractors all over the world.

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icesonic-is75ICEsonic SMART
Professional Dry Ice Blasters
Smart machine can use average shop air

The future of cleaning is here HIGHLY AFFORDABLE DRY ICE BLASTERS


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Cold Jet, LLC

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ICEsonic IPS100
ICEsonic ISP100 Block to pellet reformer and can recycle old ice
Smart Blasteer
Professional Dry Ice Blaster
Can use average shop air

the future of cleaning is here


Blasters to meet your needs AND a reformer that converts block to pellets and recycles old dry ice.






Pure Blast Mini Pure Blast 3000 Pure Blast 3000 and 4000
Pure Blast
Pure Blast
Pure Blast
4000 and 5000
$7,000 to $14,000

We supply Blasting Machines
Blasting equipment to meet your needs. We will custom build your dry ice blasting machine for your in house requirements and ship anywhere in the USA!
We supply Dry Ice
Call us today and within 24-72 hours we will manufacture and ship your dry ice requirements. This will ensure the highest quality product for your dry ice cleaning and blasting programs! Transported on Cryo Pure Corp. trucks or shipped “LTL” anywhere in the USA!
We supply Contract Cleaning Services
Cryo Pure Corp Partners with Major Dry Ice Blast Equipment Distributors and Contract Cleaning Services for Equipment and Technical Support “Creating Environmentally Safe, Cost Effective Solutions for Your Cleaning Requirements”
We supply Gases, Cryogenic Equipment, Vacuum Equipment, Process Equipment, etc.

Three locations: Albany, Lake Katrine, Poughkeepsie, NY
Telephone: 518 813-4756
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Horeco2 Dry Ice Blasting Equipment & Services Co.
Pelletizer and Block Machines

HORECO2 Dry Ice Blasting Equipment & Service Co. Ltd.
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